Travel Photos, Journals, and Quotes from a Joyful Soul

Travel Photos, Journals, and Quotes from a Joyful Soul

Travel Photos, Journals, and Quotes from a Joyful SoulTravel Photos, Journals, and Quotes from a Joyful Soul


There's much to see here! These are a few things I love, and refer to in my posts.  I think you could love them too! So, take your time, look around, and enJOY!

Stuff I ❤️

Truly Discounted Travel


How much time have you spent "looking for deals" across multiple websites? 

Realistically, how much did you save?

That can all change with a simple FREE membership. One place to shop, with 110% Guarantee on the lowest price for most travel related options: Hotels, resorts, car rental, cruises, and more. Watch this video and I will contact you with a FREE membership.

Just say COFFEE


I love coffee... but it didn’t always love me! Thankfully I found ORGANO many years ago. I discovered, that when my sleep improved, my life improved! I’ve shared it with hundreds of people and every story is different!

King of Coffee is my must-have drink every morning. If you don’t like straight black coffee, this is still what I recommend,  just add your own cream and sugar. But there are other excellent options if you explore around



Yes, I love oils too! I’ll add blog posts about how I use them to calm, purify, relax, and find JOY while at home and traveling!

Penny Saved Penny Earned


If you agree that saving money is as important as earning money, your igo4less account is here to help, even when you are NOT traveling!

There are SO MANY new features being added to your FREE ibuumerang “igo4less” customer account, so I will post updates here. For instance.... how would you like to eat at restaurants LOCALLY (or on vacation!) for almost 90% less? Find fun Activities for your friends and family? More Coming Soon!

Skin Deep

LeAnn’s first beu facial

No one believes my age. Since my early years I have used skincare products, but not always consistently. The beU system makes it simple... A three-step process for any age, any skin type. Works for me! 

Be You... never be someone else.

More soon!


What is your goal this year for health and wellness? I have been involved with health and wellness products for most of my adult life, and there are SO many options. 

Purium products are clean, reasonably priced, and effective. Take a look, and enjoy a $50 gift-card from me when you place $75 or more in your cart! Truly, $75, for just $25 plus shipping. 

Take a look around!